Láma Ole Nydahl

oleLama Ole Nydal recommendation.


Éva Szakolczai, Dr. Med., Specialist, Director General Medicine

“I do not deny that formerly I was so exasperated that I was thinking about plastic surgery. But question kept nagging at me: would it really solve the unclear questions hiding in me, would it dissolve the huge lot of “sediments” accumulated during my life so far? And what if it would not, and it would just make it all even worse in my inside... How many surgeries would I need then? Of course, also plastic surgery and many other kinds of treatments have their place and role in healing and body shaping, but I still choose this gentle and very effective method and I suggest everybody to try it: get in tune with their inner self, clean up their stress blocks and get younger, prettier and better shaped with Franz’s treatments.”

Katica Illényi 

“Here, only a few musicians take care about their physical health. For instance, violinists around their forties are full of back pain, joint, wrist and arm problems. I also have cramping in my shoulder, the stress “comes out” here. I have been looking for long for a good masseur who could help it, and a friend told me about Franz. At the very first time I met him, he massaged out the everlasting pain from my shoulder in just five minutes. This helped me so much that later I went back to him for a three hour full treatment. Although the treatment was painful at times when Franz released the different blocks, in the end I felt so easy, just like flying - and I was very calm. It is an amazing feeling, I recommend everyone to try it!”

Bettina Stark

“Honey, what you eat is just always visible on you. Now, after the treatments, I am active again and I lost 40 kgs, too! Thank you, Franz!”


“I recommend it to everyone who has not tried it yet. They will have a very special experience: their life, their approach, all the functions of their body will substantially change. Mine has also fundamentally changed - and I can only thank him for it. I regularly found that during treatment, my body shape became ideal, my fat was minimized, my nervous tension eased, and my life became well-balanced. I really recommend it to everyone as this treatment is truly exceptional and unique. I think that trying this new method is worth any time and money. Thank you once again for being part of this precise and excellent work and attitude.”